Statewide Sharkalanches in Utah Force Van Dwellers to Prematurely Migrate South


We live in a van… and it is absolutely freaking awesome! What is not awesome however, is the onslaught of ridiculously cold weather that has been chasing us since we left Denver. It might not be 5 degrees out like it is in Denver right now, but even in Vegas, where you can almost always count on decent enough weather to climb, it is just barely above freezing at the peak of the day. (more…)

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Mexico Border

Wetsuits Really Seal in the Flavor and Don’t Leave Your Rocks in the Road!

Well, quite a lot has happened since we last posted. We have transformed from American climbing dirt bags to Baja surf bums. Christmas has passed as well as the New Year and our first border crossing! We’re in it now, that much is for sure. Let’s see if I can get the blog up to speed from this blazing fast ~400 kbps connection! After we left Vegas we went to Joshua Tree for some climbing and visited Niccole’s brother Kyle and his wife Chantelle. Kyle is stationed at the 29 Palms Marine Base right outside of Joshua Tree so we spent about a week or so out there in the desert climbing and hanging out with them on the Marine base. (more…)

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Grey whale

Hey There Little Guy and Despite What You Might Have Heard, We’re Not in a Mexican Prison for Drug Trafficking!

Having escaped the sand trap and bailed on our plans for The Wall we head for the Baja Sur, the Southern half of the Peninsula. After another military checkpoint (nothing makes us feel safer than 16 year olds with machine guns by the way) we come upon a gigantic Mexican flag, a military base, and an official crossing into the Baja Sur. Here we are stopped and asked if we have any produce or plants on board. We say no despite the Christmas Tree in plain sight by the dash, pay the 20 pesos to have the bottom of our van sprayed with something, and we’re on our way. (more…)

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