Las Flores

Guatemala! (Part 1)

Our border crossing at El Ceibo was fast and uneventful which was awesome. Between the looks we got in the local villages we drove through after the border and the guidebook’s numerous warnings about crime in Guatemala, we were very pleased to arrive in Flores and find it to be quite touristy and safe. Beyond that, it’s a neat little half-flooded town on a tiny island in a beautiful lake which I wasted no time swimming in! We were greeted with a ridiculously epic sunset as we prepared to drive over to the ruins at Tikal the next day. (more…)

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Statewide Sharkalanches in Utah Force Van Dwellers to Prematurely Migrate South


We live in a van… and it is absolutely freaking awesome! What is not awesome however, is the onslaught of ridiculously cold weather that has been chasing us since we left Denver. It might not be 5 degrees out like it is in Denver right now, but even in Vegas, where you can almost always count on decent enough weather to climb, it is just barely above freezing at the peak of the day. (more…)

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