Our Rig

Behold, the Craggin’ Wagon


2 thoughts on “Our Rig

  1. Eric,
    In the past I owned 2 Ford Vans of the body style you now have and they do tend to go through front disc brake pads. They are very simple to replace in case you have not already figured that out. I would suggest carrying some spare pads. I have enjoyed following your adventures week by week and look forward to the up dates. I am sure you are having the adventures of a life time and you are smart to do it while your young. Good luck and have fun.

    1. Thanks Tom. I wish I had brought extras with me. Would have been a good idea. Didn’t know at the time that they burn out so fast – though it makes sense as much as the beast weighs! Glad you’re enjoying the blog! Cheers

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