HoboYeti Vanishes into Thin Air

After many sighting across the expanse of S. America, it seems the hairy, van-dwelling, yeti-like Caucasian known simply as ‘Esus’ has vanished without a trace. After an apparent 272 day shaving strike, the mysterious wanderings of this overlanding anomaly seem to have come to an end. There have been murmurs among the rock climbing and snowboarding community of a supposed resurgence in the high mountains of the Colorado Rockies, but this has yet to be confirmed by any outside sources.

In related news, another member of the Antique Ford Latin America Exploration Team was quoted as saying something to the effect of, “I finally have my husband back!”

Feel free to contact us if you have any information pertaining to the whereabout of the HoboYeti, and of course, stay tuned for future updates.

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