The Blog is Still Alive!

Nearly 3 years ago in May of 2013 our first blog post went on line. It was just a picture of a Pan American Highway map and a little note about our intent to build a van and drive the entire thing. Since that time we have realized our dream and somehow, along the way, managed to draw the interest of many, many readers. It’s been awesome to watch the blog’s readership grow. If you’re reading this now you’re one of over 100,000 hits and over 15,000 unique visitors! What started as a way to keep our friends and family up to speed has become much more and I’m stoked to tell you that we’re not done yet!

hits as of 3-31-15

While we may be back home and not cruising around Latin America any longer, there are still quite a few updates in the works. For one thing, you’ll never believe what happened after the German’s rolled the van! I also plan on writing a bit about the shock of returning home, what it’s like to reintegrate into US society, and to have a job again.¬†Also in the works will be a budget review and a gear review – you wouldn’t believe the things we thought would be critical that we never ended up using as well as the things we didn’t have that would have been game changers.

And finally, for this current installment, you may remember that literally the day before we hit the road my web server crashed. I had no time to fix it or recover the Craggin’ Wagon blog, so I quickly started a brand new one out in that infamous cloud. Because of this, the entire build of the van and all of the planning and prep posts we did were not available on the current blog. Since returning home I have finally found some time to pull the content from the old, crashed blog and reinsert it into the current one. So for anyone that missed it or for anyone wondering how to build a 12 volt solar system, insulate a vehicle floor, or paint a van with Rustoleum… here you go!

More soon on the other topics with lots of pics!!

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