Too Legit To Quit

We thought Bertha was totaled, done, finished. I even wrote her a eulogy. Well, I should have known better. Maybe I was in shock from seeing our van destroyed only days after handing it over?

I mean really? This can be fixed?
I mean really? This can be fixed?

Regardless, where there is a will, there is a way. Further, Latin American’s can fix ANYTHING! It was no easy task though, nor was it light on the pockets. Apparently Dominique and Anne paid some Chileans approximately $2,000 US to have the body repaired. I still have a hard time believing it could be done considering the extensive damage, the lack of parts, and the numerous other complications that would be looming with the engine, electrical, etc. But like I said, where there is a will, there is a way:





And there you have it. Not perfect, but functional.

So Bertha and her new occupants began making their way north, but not without issue. They had some bugs to work out including a new radiator which is not surprising looking at the front fender after the crash. They also had an unfortunate transmission issue in Northern Patagonia.

But, at the end of the day… Bertha rolls on. The Beast, the Craggin’ Wagon, the Juggernaut. I mean really, she couldn’t quit even if she wanted to. She’s simply too legit.


I look forward to stories, both factual and mythical, seeping out of the America’s about a certain casita blanca for years to come.

Good luck Bertha – keep on keeping on.


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