The Maiden Voyage Was a Success!


We drove 442 miles round trip from Denver to Indian Creek and back (with several detours and trips back and forth from various areas to Moab for supplies. We had a fantastic off-the-grid Thanksgiving dinner with our friends and family.



I brought a GPS along so that I could tell how fast I was driving (speedometer is broken) and get accurate trip stats. Turns out the cigarette lighter is broken, so I drove the entire way with no idea how fast we were going 🙂



By tracking the amount of gas we put in it and using google maps I estimated we averaged just a touch under 15mpg over our 442 mile trip. Not bad. That’s about what I expected. Besides the cig lighter the heater blower broke on our way back over the Rockies. We were sufficiently warmed up enough by then to make it back comfortably. The transmission is a problem though. It leaks when it’s pushed really hard and further investigation upon our return points towards a pump seal that will need replacing. Pricey and a bummer but not the end of the world.



We slept on the new floor. It was chilly. Insulation would have been nice for warmth and sound… but that’s the next post.



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