Step 1: Acquire a Van

I began by searching the internet, specifically craigslist, for several months to get a feel for what is out there. Because we’re driving it one way and selling it, it doesn’t need to be particularly nice or last a lifetime. Our main concern is that it gets us there comfortably and doesn’t cost a fortune. It needs to be large enough that two people can live in relative comfort within it for a lengthy time – we’re estimating a year.

Most of the newer vans I saw online that cost $3000 or less had a lot of miles on them. Having an engine with a bit of life left in it became my focus. After all, the interior and exterior can easily be part of the build, whereas rebuilding engines is well out of my realm. After a lot of thinking and surfing we ended up buying an ’88 Ford Econoline Club Wagon that had been converted into a taxicab of sorts for handicap peoples. It has an extended topper on it and, interestingly, a gigantic wheel chair lift. Only 90k on the engine (5L V8). I had my mechanic look it over before purchasing it. It seemed mechanically sound and despite some minor body damage and surface rust it looked to be in overall good shape. So, I coughed up $2000 for the beast and made it happen.

And here she is… I know, I know… She’s a real beaut Clark. I couldn’t agree more. Home sweet home…






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