New fridge, new counters, running water, and even curtains!

It’s coming down to lots of final touches these days, at least in comparison to the scope of the projects that preceded this phase. First up was getting rid of that thermo-electric fridge. Not only does it create exhaust in the form of warm air that it blows into an already warm space (at times), but it’s an energy hog. Thermo-electric coolers are not very efficient to begin with, plus they are always on, and finally they only cool 40 degrees or so below the ambient temperature. So, in an effort to be able to live off the grid for longer periods of time we shelled out the cash for a very efficient compressor style fridge designed specifically for this sort of application. The fridge and other electrical components can run for 3-4 days before approaching the 50% mark on the batteries depending on how much sun the solar panels get. In fact, driving around the equator the panel could conceivably keep up and we could go indefinitely. Time will tell.


Speaking of which, we have decided to leave!! The savings account hit the minimum leave amount last month! Taking into effect other considerations we’ve decided that after we head to Indian Creek, UT for our annual Creeksgiving week over the Thanksgiving holiday that we’ll simply keep on going afterwords. Zion, Red Rocks, and Joshua Tree are on the hit list as we make our way to the border. So November it is. Suddenly, we realize we have a lot of stuff to do in the next couple months.


With the new fridge installed I figured it was time to make the kitchen complete. The metal trim on the counters was catching our clothes and scraping things so we opted to yank’m out and put standard wood tops in with beveled edges. It was kind of a pain but very worth it and I had enough materials laying around from the bed that I didn’t even have to run to the Depot. I cut new surfaces, routered the corners and edges, then Niccole and I stained and sealed them along with the bed and window sills. I ripped the old stuff out, installed the new surfaces, and then installed the new sink (one with a depression in the bottom so water would drain correctly). I hooked up the pump and purchased the correct sized water jug to act as a grey water container. The kitchen is done! Niccole and I also installed curtains on the windows and a divider to close off the cab. It’s looking cozier and cozier these days.

IMG_2011 IMG_2018 IMG_2020 IMG_2694 IMG_2695 IMG_2699 IMG_2701

Fridge 550
Stain/Sealant 15
Curtains 40
Sink 55
Drain 15
Total $675

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