Help Us Along!

Looking for a way to vicariously live in a giant white van in the middle of nowhere? Wish you could buy us a beer but aren’t in Central or South America at the moment? Do you wake up every night wondering what it’s like to fill the gas guzzling beast up with gasolina?!?! Well worry no more, we have added this Support Us page just for you! You have no idea what a cold beer means to us after a hot, humid day of driving with no A/C, so THANKS!!


Six Pack of Cold Cervezas! ($6)

1/2 Tank of Gas ($25)

1 Full Tank of Awesome! ($50)


8 thoughts on “Help Us Along!

  1. Stay safe u guys!! Hope this helps out and you have a cold beer and remember we are all here, and waiting for u to come home, in one piece!!
    Love you and think about you.


  2. Hey Eric hope the gas helps! I dont know if you remember me but i work at Park Burger and you were telling me about your trip before you left. Glad to see “living the dream” is working out for you guys. Really inspiring to see your adventures! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hell yeah! Thanks for the gas, the Craggin’ Wagon guzzles it! Can’t wait to get back and fill you in on the craziness… and man do I miss the burgers there. I’ve joked about flying home just to eat one!

      Thanks for thinking of us. Cheers from Lima!

  3. Eric,
    Merry Christmas from an old friend of your Dad’s. We went to Queen’s together. I grew up in Guatemala and spent some time in Ecuador. Your uncle Mark put me on to your blog and I find it enjoyable to read about your time in some of the places I visited. Hope the half a tank of gas helps you guys get to where you want to go. Be safe.

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