Monte Verde Zip Line

Aloha Chip… And Niccole Space Hucking?!?!

After laying up for another night in Leon we took off with our first ever van passenger to Managua! Leah, whom we had met at the beach house, was heading to the airport in Managua, as were we to pick up none other than our amigo Chip, aka the HP, aka The Sweltering Thighs of Madness, aka the other half of the Space Hucking Design Team Extraordinaire! We all had a blast hanging out as passengers and planes were shuffled. (more…)

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Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding

Volcano Boarding

We checked out one more surf spot called Las Flores near El Cuco before attempting to cross two of the most difficult borders around in the same day! On our way there we watched a dump truck t-bone a car and go crashing into one of the numerous fruit stands on the side of the road. Oranges were flying through the air. We pulled over, grabbed the first aid kit, and Niccole got busy. One girl had a leg fracture of some kind and a little boy had some minor bleeding. I was thrilled that someone didn’t get killed. We were back on our way shortly once the policia showed up. (more…)

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El Salvador!

We drove from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala to El Salvador laying over briefly in a small cowboy town right smack in the middle of nowhere to assure we hit our border crossing nice and early Sunday morning. We cruised through the border in less than an hour and were immediately rewarded by miles of waves on the coastal highway! (more…)

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Sayulita Beach

La Buena Ola!

About a billion years ago, the first multicellular life existed on our little blue dot. I can understand the unit of measurement known as a ‘billion’ in a mathematical way, but it boggles my mind when speaking of it in terms of years. I suppose that’s because we humans think about years mostly in terms of, or relative to, human history and individuals’ lives. It’s not until you talk about science that you have to consider years beyond the existence of human ones, and the Earth’s geological time is beyond massive. Anyways, it took another 6 or 7 million years for something besides a plant to finally crawl out of the ocean and exist on land. To put that in perspective, modern humans have been around for a mere 200 thousand years. So, for 6.5 million years things have been evolving in the ocean. 6.5 million years of things with sharp teeth, stingers and the ability to breath underwater. (more…)

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Mexico Border

Wetsuits Really Seal in the Flavor and Don’t Leave Your Rocks in the Road!

Well, quite a lot has happened since we last posted. We have transformed from American climbing dirt bags to Baja surf bums. Christmas has passed as well as the New Year and our first border crossing! We’re in it now, that much is for sure. Let’s see if I can get the blog up to speed from this blazing fast ~400 kbps connection! After we left Vegas we went to Joshua Tree for some climbing and visited Niccole’s brother Kyle and his wife Chantelle. Kyle is stationed at the 29 Palms Marine Base right outside of Joshua Tree so we spent about a week or so out there in the desert climbing and hanging out with them on the Marine base. (more…)

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