Shake, Rattle, and Roll – Adventure Driving in Bolivia

Remember that time we drove through a crazy remote border from Ecuador into Peru and thought it was pretty wild… well… ummm… meet Bolivia. Hundreds and hundreds of miles of horrible, corrugated, dirt tracks at ridiculously high elevations with no services, gas, or help in any direction for days and days… sounds like the perfect adventure for the Craggin’ Wagon! What could go wrong?

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Return to the Craggin’ Wagon – A Wild Week in the Altiplano

Holy shit living in Cusco for a month was fantastic!!! Besides getting out of the van for a bit and the city being so cool, it was an absolute pleasure sharing an apartment with such good friends. Apartment life with our amigos was everything you would expect of living in crazy, bustling Peru. Sometimes the water would turn off at night, we had to Honnold our way down the street to avoid getting clipped by buses, and as always, not getting electrocuted in the shower takes some care. Read More

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