All Things Fixable

The meat sweats. A joyous, sometimes unintentional consequence of awesomeness? A higher state of protein infused enlightenment? A rare and prestigious achievement of compulsive hyper consumption? In my eyes the meat sweats encompass all of that and more. One thing is for certain, the meat sweats have been a plentiful occurrence in Mendoza. But first, just how did we get to Argentina – this wine soaked mystical steak heaven? Well, it’s an oil burning, wallet busting story, but it’s a story worth telling nonetheless. I mean, how often does one get to drive a campfire van named Bertha over the Chilean Andes?!

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Return to the Craggin’ Wagon – A Wild Week in the Altiplano

Holy shit living in Cusco for a month was fantastic!!! Besides getting out of the van for a bit and the city being so cool, it was an absolute pleasure sharing an apartment with such good friends. Apartment life with our amigos was everything you would expect of living in crazy, bustling Peru. Sometimes the water would turn off at night, we had to Honnold our way down the street to avoid getting clipped by buses, and as always, not getting electrocuted in the shower takes some care. Read More

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How To San Gil

  • Drive over insane, semi-littered, single-lane, winding, mountain pass road like a maniac 4 times
  • Watch wife swim a class 5 rapid on the Rio Suarez… underneath the raft
  • Go very, very budget bungee jumping
  • Swim in a giant waterfall
  • Drink lots of beer and play a game where you score points blowing stuff up by throwing things at explosives
  • Go rafting again. Repeat class 5 but without your guide, backwards
  • Walk on water in a local pool
  • Get tattoos in the middle of Colombia

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