This Can Be Your Life Too!!! Buy our Van, It’s Time to PanAm!

Ever said to yourself, “Damn, I should move into a van and drive it from Argentina to Alaska… yeah, that’d be sweet!”

Well, have we got a deal for you! Turns out in about 6 months we’ll be in Argentina, and we’ll have the perfect vehicle ready for you to take over!! Plus, you don’t have to wonder and worry about whether the vehicle is in good shape or not – this baby is tried and true! It didn’t make it all the way down there by chance. And, what better written history of its life that the very blog documenting it birth and subsequent travels!

I have put together a little summary about the goodies, mechanics, and general condition of the van. It highlights why it is a great choice for this sort of journey, and is loaded with pics.

Ideally, we sell the van to an ambitious traveler(s) and fly ourselves to wherever it is we’re going. But, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll ship it to wherever we’re going and continuing using it or sell it there. It’s too awesome of a rig not to see it off to a happy traveling future!

Think about it people, half the prep for a trip like this is the vehicle, and it’s already done for you – not to mention stocked with all the things you’ll need along the way. Buy the ticket, we’ll meet you there…


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2 thoughts on “This Can Be Your Life Too!!! Buy our Van, It’s Time to PanAm!

  1. Hey Eric!

    Stumbling across your blog has blown my mind! What you guys are doing is almost exactly what has been forming in my head over the past few months but (potentially conveniently) in reverse.

    Can you swing me an email please? I’m currently working in Aus through until October and was thinking South America around Novemberish via Thailand for a little climbing. Scary how well timed this appears…

    Even if the van explodes before then (not with you in it!), or the brakes let go whilst doing some mountain top yoga and it rolls to a dramatic Hollywood styled ending meaning I can’t take it off your hand,s it would be great to get some trip advice of you.

    Safe travels to the both of you! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheers and beers, Joe

    1. Ha! Awesome Joe! We’re motoring out of San Gil right now heading for more climbing in Suesca. As soon as we get back on the nets, barring an epic Hollywood ending of course, I’ll shoot you an email!


      PS – There’s some turmoil brewing in Thailand these days no? It’ll prob be resolved by the end of the year hopefully.

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