Roof Fan and More!

Well, it’s been a little while since I updated the blog. The primary reason being an order-of-operations-based hold up. I have a mechanic that I know and trust. The bay door to his garage is 7′ tall. The van is also 7′ tall. It literally has less than a centimeter to spare and barely makes it in. In order to complete the insulation I figured I better get the wires run first for electrical. Also, the fan/vent would need to be installed before insulating as well. Thing is, the fan adds a few inches to the top of the van, therefore getting it into the mechanics garage for repairs needed to occur first. So there you have it. (more…)

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The Floor is Finished… Just in Time for the Maiden Voyage!

The floor was tricky. I had a hard time finding good information on other people’s blogs regarding the best way to tackle it. The easiest thing to do would be to screw plywood directly to the frame. I felt that would not be the best solution as penetrating the steel floor with metal would likely lead to rusting issues. Further, it wouldn’t be as insulated or as sound proof as other ideas. What I finally decided to do was a bit entailed. Thankfully I had a couple buddies helping me and was able to get most of the work done in one day after substantial planning and supply shopping (big thanks to Chip and Chris). (more…)

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And then the van got some walls!

Even as I set out to begin building the walls I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to do it. Most of the research and blogs I read had more or less used the stock panels that came with their van. A few people had made their own but hadn’t provided much in the way of detail. So, I figured with the insulation installed I would screw some batons onto the walls and use them to attach the walls to. I chose hardboard for this because it was cheap and light. The walls don’t really need to be all that resilient considering most of them will be covered up by other stuff eventually. (more…)

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Electrical System

So I’ve been working on this aspect for months and to be honest, out of everything in the van it has required the most research and time to put together. It is a sweet setup though and I’ll do my best to document it here. This is going to be simply a design post as the installation of the various components seems to be progressing naturally in phases that coincide with other aspects of the build. (more…)

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